“The Impregnation of Flavour” by Chef Jason Peru

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May 8, 2021
November 1, 2021
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“The Impregnation of Flavour” is Chef Jason’s contribution to the Caribbean & the rest of the world as his culinary statement throughout 18 years of carefully constructed and crafted recipes that showcase and chronicle his best recipes and well guarded culinary secrets.

He terms this book as his luxurious offering to the gracious year of 2021, which would now be the Caribbean’s New Culinary Staple. He states that his new cook book would not only be a paradigm shift in the standard and quality of published work from the Caribbean, but the content of the book’s production would impeccably represent internationally crafted recipes that utilize and showcase local ingredients from the islands in their finest glory, coupled with unique and groundbreaking flavour formulas that would revolutionize the way people cook.

He has also paid homage to his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago by dedicating a “Trini” section that showcases and breaks down some of the most quintessential and ubiquitous dishes which are all enjoyed locally on his island and even throughout the Caribbean. He states that the explicit methodology of each recipe is what will empower and guide his readers to success each time they try any of his perfectly crafted creations.

Apart from this, he has included never before seen pictures during his childhood while cooking at home with his family, as well as his schooling and culinary university days and even behind the scenes footage of his TV shows. He has also matched his recipes with the best food photography the Caribbean has even seen as a result of securing the talent of Ace Food Photographer and lighting master, Russel Dos Ramos. Chef Jason is also very excited for this production as he has included back stories for some of the recipes which explain his unadulterated inspirations and reasons why he created each dish and what makes it is so special to him.

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