Cassava Yuca Pasta – Macaroni Elbows – Paleo – Gluten Free – Vegan – 8.8 oz

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September 3, 2020
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This pasta is gluten free, grain free and vegan. Made from only fresh ingredients, we’ve got 2 versions you can enjoy. Whether you’re gluten free, Paleo or AIP, we’ve got you covered. 1. Sweet potato pasta- Made using fresh Caribbean Sweet Potatoes. A taste that’s neutral to very mildly sweet. Naturally high in potassium and is an excellent choice for active lifestyles. 2. Cassava (yuca) pasta- now made grain free, made only from fresh cassava, this pasta is very similar in taste to ‘regular’ pastas. We know you’ll enjoy it. New to gluten free pastas? Both versions cook very quickly and cooking guidelines are included in the package with access to how to videos. Our healthy, wholesome ingredients are grown in small farms on fertile Caribbean lands. We start by receiving fresh whole tubers from farmers, with mud and all. We wash, peel and gently turn them into wonderful gluten free pasta elbows. These are made from the entire Cassava (minus the skin), not starches or extracts, so you get all the nutrition as you would from whole Cassava.

Our Caribbean Cassava are mildly sweet, almost neutral, so the pasta is quite versatile in the application.


1. Use extra water when boiling.

2. Cook al dente, following the times on the package. Start checking from 4 minutes. Keep gluten free pastas firm.

3. Do a thorough cold water bath to immediately stop the cooking process and prevent overcooking. It is okay if the product feels slightly firm at this point.

4. Strain and allow to rest 10-15 minutes. During this time, the product will continue to soften slightly to an even consistency. If you would like to soften further after this point, you can microwave for 20-30 seconds.

5. Reserved water from boiling is an excellent thickener and flavor for sauces

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